Unit Standard No: 244288
Unit Standard Credits: 8
NQF Level: 5

Modules for super link truck driver course and their duties and responsibilities include

  • Occupational health and safety policy
  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Employee safety responsibility
  • Accident and injury reporting
  • Hazard reporting
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Workplace amenities
  • First aid
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Manual handling
  • Safety work practices
  • Office Safety
  • Unacceptable behavior
  • Bullying
  • Occupational violence
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Risk management and occupation rehabilitation program
  • Office Safety

Outcome after the training

  • Use verbal and written practices to communicate in the workplace and apply mathematical processes to solve every day numerical problems.
  • Explain the requirements of current legislation impacting on Health, Safety and environmental issues in the workplace.
  • Recognize, assess and report health and safety hazards and situations in the workplace.
  • Administer various health and safety functions, planning, policy and behaviors in the workplace.

Price      R.4500                 

Duration   Ten (10) Days

Unit Standard No: 119567 Unit Standard Credits: 5 NQF Level: 1

Modules for basic first aid course and their duties and responsibilities include

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Responding to emergencies
  • Section 3: Bleeding, shock and soft tissue injuries
  • Section 4: Bone, joint and muscle injuries
  • Section 5: Sudden Illness
  • Section 6: Heat and cold related Illness and injuries
  • Section 7: Endnotes

Outcome after the training

  • Demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management. .
  • Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology.
  • Assess an emergency situation.
  • Apply First Aid procedures to the life-threatening situation.
  • Treat common injuries.
  • Price      R.4000                         
  • Duration  One Week