overhead crane training in johannesburg

overhead crane training in johannesburg

Do you need overhead crane training in johannesburg? Contact Alisha Training Consultants. We provide quality education and training in Machinery, Health and vocational training to potential learners and clients.

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overhead crane training in johannesburg, We offer Theory, Video and Practical training sessions to enable the learner to understand and grasp the skills to their fullest.

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Over Head Crane Training modules
Unit Standard No: 242976
Unit Standard Credits: 5
NQF Level: 2
Modules in this course include
• During the Gantry crane training we teach you how to deal with Capacities of equipment and attachments.
• In Overhead bridge crane training you learn how to deal with Purpose, use and limitation of controls.
• The overhead crane driver has to learn how to How to make daily checks.
• The energizing sequences, including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical sequences.
• Start-up and shut down procedures
• Emergency shut down procedures.
• All basic signaling procedures, including hand, radio, or telephone signals, where required.
• In addition to daily inspections, OSHA also requires periodic inspections of overhead cranes. Check for deformed, cracked, corroded or unsecured members. Are foot walks free of debris, grease, Does cab have a fire extinguisher.
• Practice in operating the assigned equipment through the mechanical functions necessary to perform the required task.
• Maximum capacity of the crane.
• Rigging procedures.
• Company rules and regulations.

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