front end loader training in johannesburg

front end loader training in johannesburg

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Front End Loader Training modules
Unit Standard No: 262747
Unit Standard Credits: 12
NQF Level: 2
Modules for front end loader driver training include
• Demonstrating knowledge of the functions of a front end loader.
• Planning for work activities and prepare work area.
• Starting and shutting down front end loader.
• Operating front end loader.
• Transporting front end loader to and from site.

. How to Drive a Front End Loader
When driving with a load in the bucket, the best practice is to position the bucket just below the tractor hood for maximum stability and visibility. Do your best to load the bucket evenly and within the loader’s recommended capacity.

Keep your speed slow and stay vigilant for obstacles when raising or lowering the load. Carry loads as low as possible and never travel with the bucket in a raised position. Exercise extra caution when turning as the movements can cause contents to shift or slide. Loading or turning at the same time could easily overturn the machine.

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